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At Power Systems, Inc., service and maintenance means more than an oil change and checking belts and hoses when it comes to power generation. It is a complex power generating systems, and it requires expert knowledge and experience to properly maintain and service.

We can handle major electrical repairs and service and major engine repairs and service. We can service and maintain all diesel, propane, and natural gas powered generators.

Power Systems, Inc. technicians set the standard in the reliable and cost-effective maintenance of all types of generator power applications and maintain factory certifications on major brands of generators and switchgear equipment.


Power Systems, Inc. is your total solution for diesel fuel cleaning, diesel delivery, and fueling service for diesel-powered generators.

Investing in a generator power gives you the ability to be prepared in an emergency. Keeping your generator running and functioning mean it must have clean and reliable fuel. With our excellent fuel cleaning process, you have peace of mind about your generator working. Making sure we remove any slug, sediment and/or other continents that can get in your fuel system. Make Power Systems, Inc. whom you call when needing a fuel cleaning.

Use Power Systems, Inc. as your one call for diesel fuel delivery and service to your generator. Power Systems, Inc. is your total generator solution stop.


Power Systems, Inc. offers a through load bank test of your generator. A load bank is a piece of equipment used to simulate a load on a generator or other electrical power source. Our technicians are trained on how to use our load banks to help test the function of your generator. We can do different intervals of our load bank test from two hours to six hours; we can meet your need. The information and data taken from your machine can give you an insight into how effective your generator can be during a loss of power.


Oil and diesel spills cause a range of problems such as the spread of hazardous gases into the atmosphere, potential damage to land, and harm to animals. On concrete and/or tarmac if allowed to seep into the ground it could contaminate the groundwater in the area and cause an environmental problem. Whether it be your home or business has diesel spill or oil we have the proper equipment to dispose of the contaminated material. Our technicians can respond in a timely fashion to contain and clean the contaminated area. Contact us for any more information you need.

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